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For more information:
Sherman-Denison MPO
Suite G-2, 100 W. Houston
Sherman, TX 75090

MPO Director Karl Welzenbach
Phone: 903-771-1451
Fax: 903-870-4087
Email: Kwelzenbach@sdmpo.org

Transportation Planner:
Wally Johnson
Email: wjohnson@sdmpo.org


Public Meeting No.2, Sept 9th 2014, 6:00 p.m.

The first Public Meeting was held on May 1st. Click on MTP Chapters to find out more about the first public meeting and the initial survey results.

The SDMPO is currently in the process of updating its Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). This update will provide the region with an updated list of transportation projects for the next 25 years. The Study will include opportunities for the public and local stakeholders to be involved in the process of developing potential projects. Additional information can be found within this website.



The Metropolitan Transportation Plan is updated every five years to ensure the MPO keeps an eye on the ¬†future of the community. As growth and development change over time, and as population and employment change within an area, the transportation system needs to be re-evaluated. The current MTP forecasts transportation needs to the year 2035 and was approved in 2009.  This MTP expires in November of this year (click here to see the current MTP). This MTP update will focus on the needs projected out to year 2040.

This update will provide opportunities for the public and local stakeholders to participate in the planning process, and assist in guiding the future of transportation in the Grayson County area served by the MPO.